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What is Big Data and how can it help you in your company?

In the digital age, the information generated daily is overwhelming. From business transactions to social media interactions, massive amounts of data are produced. In this context, Big Data has revolutionized the way companies manage and use information.

In fact, Big Data has become a prominent trend in the business field. According to data from the first study in Spain on Data&Analytics and AI, business investments in this area have increased by 74% in 2023. These figures reflect the growing interest of companies in improving their processes and taking advantage of the maximum data.

At the UIE, we recognize the importance of Big Data in business development. Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail what Big Data is and how it can help you in your company. If you want to make decisions based on solid data, you’re in the right place.

Big Data professionals

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the massive set of data that is constantly generated in the digital world. This data has great volume, velocity and variety, and its analysis provides valuable information for decision making.

big data has the ability to obtain hidden patterns of consumers. This is achieved through the use of specific tools that capture information effectively.

Some of the tools used in the field of Big Data are:

1. Storage and processing systems.

These tools allow large volumes of data to be stored and processed on distributed server clusters. Popular examples are Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

2. Machine learning and data mining techniques.

With these techniques, companies discover hidden trends in data using algorithms and statistical models. They are used to make predictions, classifications and segmentation of data .

What are the benefits of Big Data for your company?

Some of the benefits that Big Data brings to your company are:

1. Improvement in decision making.

Big Data analysis provides companies with valuable and detailed information. This allows you to make more informed decisions supported by concrete data. Additionally, it minimizes uncertainty and risk, while maximizing opportunities for success.

2. Identification of patterns and trends.

Big Data makes it possible to discover patterns and trends hidden in large volumes of data. This gives companies the ability to better understand customer behavior, market preferences and trends.

3. Personalization and improvement of the customer experience.

With Big Data, companies analyze detailed data about customers. The data highlights your preferences, purchasing habits and online behavior.

Why study the Master of Business Data Technology and Intelligence at UIE?

As you have been able to identify, data has become one of the most powerful assets in the business world. For that reason, it is crucial that professionals acquire the necessary skills to face the challenges of Big Data.

The Master in Business Data Technology and Intelligence will provide you with the necessary knowledge to effective management of business information. You will learn to obtain, exploit and secure data, as well as apply it in decision making.

The Master’s degree lasts one academic year, with a total of 60 ECTS credits. During this period, you will train in 4 different modules.

  • Transversal training.

This module aims to develop general skills that are beneficial for professional practice.The skills cover aspects related to business, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The transversal training has a total of 12 mandatory credits.

  • Specialization .

The module aims to define the student’s professional profile. It is divided into two subjects: Business Data Management and Business Intelligence.

The specialization has a total of 36 mandatory credits.

  • External Curricular Practices.

These are part of the master’s curriculum and have the same importance as any other university subject. For that reason, they are mandatory and are governed by the university regulations.

The internship takes place during the second semester, but can be extended to the extraordinary summer semester.

  • Final Integration.

The Final Integration module focuses on the development and presentation of the Master’s Thesis. Each student, with the assistance of a tutor, will carry out work that may be research, experimental or professional.

The Final Integration has a total of 6 mandatory credits.

Now that you know what Big Data is and its relevance in the business field, we encourage you to explore this career of the future. In addition, we invite you to discover the training offer in university degrees, masters and executive training offered by the UIE. Be a competitive professional and acquire the skills necessary to make the most of the potential of data.

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