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How much do you know about Big Data?

Big Data is a term that we hear a lot nowadays in the business sector, and it is becoming increasingly important in any business strategy. Although we have heard it a thousand times, do we really know what this term means and what advantages it offers for companies?

Test how much you know about Big Data in our #UIETest! Are you ready?


So, what does it mean?

Now that you have tested your knowledge on Big Data, from UIE we solve all your doubts.

When we talk about Big Data we refer to the processing of data of such magnitude, variety, speed of generation and quantity of sources that cannot be treated with processing and management conventional tools.

But what makes Big Data so essential for business is not its volume, but everything that an organization can do with such data. Its analysis will serve to get a much broader picture of its products, services and consumers, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making.

The 5Vs of Big Data

Whenever Big Data is mentioned, the “5 Vs of Big Data” are always mentioned5 Vs“that define its characteristics:

  • Volume:massive storage.
  • Variety: there are a multitude of data types (text, images, videos, audio, tables, etc.).
  • Velocity:capacity to process in a short space of time, since data is generated in real time.
  • Veracity: it is the reliability of the data. Therefore, it is necessary to contrast them with different sources and filter the correct ones.
  • Value: the data must provide useful information and it is necessary to sift through them to select those that really contribute to something.

Thus, when there is a large volume of data, of many types, and different sources, which are generated very quickly, it is complex to analyze them and it is necessary to apply Big Data technology. If these characteristics are not met, it could not be considered as such.

Curiosities and applications

Now that you have taken the test, do you have any doubts about any of the proposed questions? Let’s solve them together!

Is there a minimum data value?

There is no defined volume to say when we are working with Big Data. However, analysts and experts have come to the convention that we can consider it as such when the information is between 30 and 50 Terabytes to a few Petabytes.

Can it improve the consumer experience?

Due to its multiple applications and its usefulness for businesses, it is a sector with a growing demand. It is very popular in marketing, as it allows you to understand purchasing behavior and to improve products, services, processes and customer experience.

However, the usefulness of Big Data does not end here. Obtaining information through large amounts of data makes it possible to take advantage of opportunities of all kinds. It is even useful for preventing catastrophes and crimes. It reduces costs and leads to faster decision-making.

What professional profiles are there today related to Big Data?

Big Data opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. Some of the most in-demand positions are Big Data Analyst (specialist in the analysis of large amounts of data) and Big Data Developer (in charge of developing the necessary technology for data analysis), among others.

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