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At UIE you can become an international professional open to the world


the Galician university for the world

Internationalization and interculturality are founding principles of UIE, which we promote through our educational offer and international agreements.

At UIE we believe that internationalization requires close collaboration and a long-term strategic vision. That is why we carefully select each alliance and strive to reach agreements with prestigious partners with whom we learn and diversify our activity, growing together.

University institutions we
collaborate with

The first collaboration with foreign institutions dates back to 1994, via our business school. Currently, UIE maintains active collaboration agreements with top-level academic institutions in the American, European, and Asian continents, both for the university field and for executive education, that allow the mobility of our students, the development of joint programmes and the exchange of teaching staff.

Our main goal is for our students to be professionals open to the world, with intercultural skills and a desire to share knowledge and experiences from a perspective of respect for what is different.

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international agreements

In addition to important universities and business schools, UIE has established alliances with other international institutions that allow us to innovate and offer different alternatives to our students in strategic areas for their future. These alliances are signed exclusively in Galicia.

The Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) is a US-based international non-profit foundation that fosters and develops the skills of future business, political and social leaders. Its president Juan Verde, a consultant to large companies and international institutions, has worked with Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama and is considered the most influential Latino leader in the US in the field of sustainability. UIE has signed an exclusive agreement with ALF so that its students can carry out professional internships in Washington at top-level companies or government organizations.

The Colombian Association of Administration Schools represents 132 higher education institutions and is the most prestigious association in the country. This agreement seeks the development of Online Collaborative Programmes between UIE students and Colombian universities, as well as offering short courses, academic tours, the creation of joint research projects or possibilities for business internships, among others.

EYP is an organization established in 1987 with an educational spirit aimed at addressing the needs of European youth. It encourages young people to have critical and independent thinking and makes it easier for them to learn crucial skills for their future, promoting an atmosphere of inclusion, tolerance and freedom that allows them to enjoy diversity and the plurality of opinions. They have the support of influential political and social figures at the international, national, and local levels, such as the current president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, a member of its Honor Committee. The European Youth Parliament organizes three international sessions annually in different countries of the continent. In each one they debate about a pending challenge in the European Union and end with resolutions that are sent to the European Parliament for the deputies to consider. With this alliance, UIE promotes the inclusion of its students in this movement to motivate their work for social impact and change.

Signature of agreement with the University of International Business & Economics (Beijing) 2016

Delivery of the UIE Medal of Honour to Juan Verde 2022

Iberian Forum de EYP en Galicia patrocinado por UIE (2022)

EYP Iberian Forum in Galicia sponsored by UIE

international agreements

UIE gives you the option of studying an International Double Degree in Business Administration with the Dublin Business School in Ireland.


Will I get an official degree?

Yes. In addition, if you take an additional course at DBS Dublin, you will have an official double degree with specialization in Financial Services, Marketing, Marketing with Event Management or Marketing with Digital Media.

international agreements

International stay at Nova School of Business Economics (Lisbon), the best positioned school in the Portuguese ranking. In addition, it occupies positions 23 and 44 in the rankings of European and international business schools.


Will I get an official degree?

The stay will allow you to obtain the “From Creativity to Innovation” Certificate, issued by Nova BS.

international agreements

International agreements and stays at world-renowned business schools, such as the University Of International Business And Economics Business School – UIBEBS Beijing (China) and Coller School of Management – Tel Aviv University (Israel).

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