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Technology and Business Data Intelligence

Master of Science (MSc) in Technology and Business Data Intelligence

Data has become one of the key assets available to companies and organizations for business development. In the master’s degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence you will develop the knowledge for proper management of the information obtained and generated by the company. From obtaining the data, its exploitation and security, to its application in decision-making.

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A Coruña and Vigo




One academic year


September 2023

Our master’s degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence is designed for university graduates who have finished their degree and want to become competent, solid professionals prepared to be authentic change agents in the world of information. company.

The master’s degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence is for people who are curious about technology, who have developed or are interested in developing their STEM profile (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), with the ability to analyze, synthesis, abstraction and expression. Young people with intellectual curiosity, responsible and with leadership initiative and teamwork.

Since UIE is a private university, in order to assess your candidacy, in addition to your transcript, the results of the admission tests and the personal interview will be taken into account, which will allow us to get to know you much better.

Who is the Master's degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence?

Students in their final year of their degree, from any academic field

Recent university graduates, under 28 years old, and with an official academic qualification.

Information of interest


A Coruña and Vigo

Innovative campus



On-site with interactive online complements


One academic year

At your own pace



Complete course


September 2023

Beginning of the academic year


Full time

Monday to Friday


Spanish and English

Level B1 is required prior to the completion of the Master


It is for you if…

You are in the last year of your degree, you have just graduated, or you have finished your degree and you have an official degree

Why study the Master's degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence?

The title does matter, that’s why with the MTID from the UIE you will obtain:

  • Official degree: Master’s Degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence, granted by UIE.
  • An English qualification accrediting your level B1 in the Common Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).
  • As complements to the program, you can take the UIE Higher Certificate in Exponential and Digital Business and the From Creativity to Innovation Certificate, issued by NOVA SBE, the most important business school in Portugal.

You will learn to manage data from a double perspective.

  • Operational data management: data typology, storage, security and processing.
  • Business intelligence: through knowledge and use of techniques and tools for data analysis and obtaining valuable information that supports strategic business decision-making.

You will develop your digital mindset

And you will put it at the service of business strategy. You will become the link between technology and business through the evaluation, selection and use of cutting-edge technological tools.

You will understand the company as a whole

You will apply economic, financial and marketing principles to key management decisions. Always using analytical tools for a better understanding of the external business environment in which organizations operate.

You will learn to identify the key performance indicators (KPI)

Of the different types of business and the different areas. You will be able to select the most relevant KPIs to monitor the results obtained in each of the areas and use the different technologies as part of the DSS decision-making systems, including automated DSS based on artificial intelligence.

You will learn to develop predictive models and evaluation metrics

Creating different scenarios to optimize the management of your organization.

You will be in permanent contact with business reality

Throughout the program you will have the opportunity to develop a modern and complete practicum. This includes activities such as: visits to companies to find out how they work from within, conferences on business strategies and labor integration conferences with top companies at a national and international level.

You will do practices

As part of the training program. In this way you can prove work experience once the master’s degree is finished.

The Master’s Degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence lasts one academic year, with a total study load of 60 ECTS credits.

The curriculum of this university master’s degree is organized around four modules:

Transversal training, specialization, external curricular practices and final integration.

Transversal training

The transversal Training module is designed for the student to develop all the general skills that favor professional practice. We talk about aspects related to the company, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainability, critical thinking, information search and analysis of sources, communication, teamwork and preparation and presentation of reports.

As it is a transversal module, it is common in different master’s degrees, branches and areas of knowledge. For this reason, it is the perfect opportunity for students to interact within multidisciplinary groups, with common knowledge and interests, but from different points of view.

The module, which consists of 12 ECTS credits, fosters the development of sensitive people, with social commitment and respect for nature. It also includes training for research, critical thinking, as well as methodology and standards for the preparation and writing of scientific articles.

Academic Research Methodology (Obligatory Course)
Sustainability and Innovation (Obligatory Course)


The Specialization module, made up of 36 compulsory credits, constitutes the axis for defining the professional profile and is divided into two subjects: Business Data Management and Business Intelligence.

The subject Business Data Management focuses on where and how company data is stored, its structure, types and characteristics, security, processing techniques and predictive analysis. Different technologies and software tools are also covered.

The subject Business Intelligence focuses on providing competencies related, in the first place, to the functional aspects of the company and their impact on business intelligence: economic and financial factors, capabilities, etc.

In this subject, skills are also acquired for data analysis from different business perspectives (competitiveness, customers, operations, etc.) and the different ways of viewing information as a support for decision-making.

Finally, a step forward is taken in achieving an intelligent company with current and future trends, information-based decision making and the different software tools available.

Business Data Warehouse & Warehousing (Obligatory Course)
Technology Data Security and Cybersecurity (Obligatory Course)
Business Data Mining and Predictive Analytics (Obligatory Course)
Data Management and Visualization (Obligatory Course)
Business Analysis and Quantitative and Quantitative Data Analytics (Obligatory Course)
Advanced Business Intelligence

External curricular internships

External curricular internships consist of incorporating students into the labor market. They are integrated into the master’s degree curriculum, so they have the same consideration as any other university subject, and are compulsory. They are regulated by university regulations and begin in the second semester. In addition, they can be extended to the extraordinary Summer semester.

External curricular internships

Final integration

The Final Integration module consists of 6 compulsory credits and focuses on the development and presentation of the Master’s Thesis. Each student, with the help of a tutor, will carry out a piece of work, which may be research, experimental or professional. The work must be publicly defended before the court designated by the UIE.

Master’s Thesis

(OB) Compulsory Subject (OP) Optional Subject

To enroll in courses taught in English, students must have a level equivalent to or higher than B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

** In order to be eligible for the defence, in addition to having passed all the ECTS credits of the Master’s degree, students must have a certificate of completion of the Practicum and a level of English B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

And much more!

At UIE we go one step further in your training so that you end up being the professional you have always dreamed of being. We do this through complementary training activities:

Practical workshops, conferences, company visits, congresses, non-curricular internships, seminars, language laboratories… And an endless number of academic and socio-educational activities organized by the university!

How much is the Master’s Degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence?


Before starting the course



10 monthly fees




Spot reservation

Once admission to the Master’s degree has been confirmed, it will be necessary to pay the amount corresponding to the place reservation, which will be essential to obtain the letter of admission and guarantee the place in the studies requested.

The 500€ place reservation is an advance payment on account of the official enrollment fee. It represents the student’s confirmation that he/she wishes to continue the enrollment process at UIE.

The reservation fee must be paid prior to enrollment. At UIE, we recommend that the place reservation is made within a maximum period of 7 calendar days from the date of notification of admission to the degree course.



It is paid in a single payment before the start of the course, within the period stipulated by UIE.


Academic fee

The academic fee is invoiced from September to June, both months included. The academic fee is calculated by multiplying the number of credits in which the student is enrolled by the amount of the corresponding credit.

Scholarships and grants program


We don’t want the cost of the degree be a hindrance to you. That’s why we have
developed a system of scholarships and grants so that you can study without
anything stopping you.

Excellence scholarships

Cover up to 90% of the amount of the program.

Talent scholarships

Cover up to 60% of the academic fee.

Exponential Challenge

Up to 50% of the program fee.


They are compatible with the UIE scholarships.

ABANCA Estudia Financing

ABANCA Estudia is a program that reflects the social compromise of the financial activity of ABANCA.

This program offers UIE students very favorable conditions, so that their only worry is their education.

The Master’s Degree in Technology and Business Data Intelligence will allow you to opt for a wide variety of possibilities, ensuring a quick incorporation into the labor market. You will be prepared to assume roles from all sectors of society, in public and private organizations, such as:

Responsible for the business intelligence

Responsible for business data and its security

Responsible for performance indicators and data visualization

Career in teaching and research

Management or participation in R&D&I departments in companies, public centers and private centers

Self-employment and entrepreneurship

International Profile

AND ONCE YOU FINISH YOUR DEGREE IN Technology and Business Data Intelligence, WHAT HAPPENS?

Given that internationalization is part of the founding principles of the UIE, in addition to the stay at NOVA, as a student you will be able to enjoy different mobility alternatives to prestigious institutions around the world. It may be through the ERASMUS mobility program or specific agreements with universities and institutions in Europe, America and Asia. You will have the option of carrying out an international stay or extracurricular internships for three months as part of the training process prior to the defense of the Master’s Thesis.

One of the international stays at your disposal will be at the NOVA School of Business and Economicsin Lisbon. Nova SBE is a leading school in Portugal, where you will learn innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship techniques with a social and responsible approach. The experience includes a tour of the Lisbon startup ecosystem, destined to become Europe’s Silicon Valley, and culminates in obtaining the From Creativity to Innovation Certificate, issued for this prestigious center.

Educational pathway: Master's Degree + Doctoral Program

If your vocation is academic studies and research, at the end of the Master’s degree, you will be able to join our PhD programs.




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