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Learn about our strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

The philosophy of cooperation is an element that not only permeates all our teachings, but is also an integral part of our actions as an educational institution.

Academic collaboration agreements are a clear example of implementing this line of work: joining efforts and creating synergies so that our students can advance in their multicultural management experience, understanding of different realities, and more.

However, at UIE, we have set our sights beyond academic exchange programs, and through our strategic partnerships we pave the way to become the kind of university that 21st-century businesses require. Those partnerships allow us to bring to our classrooms the excelence in knowledge, practices, and tools developed by organizations leading their sectors.

Learn about our strategic partnership.


UIE will facilitate the adoption of Microsoft technologies at all levels, enabling faculty to enhance their educational methodology and alowing students to get trained and certified in the digital technologies and skills demanded by the current job market.

Through Microsoft AI Business School and UIE, students will be trained and will discover in a practical way all the possibilities of applying Artificial Intelligence in the business environment.

The collaboration agreement includes the implementation of teaching and research projects, with a special focus on the application of innovative technologies to environmental sustainability.

Colaboración UIE y Microsoft

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