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The Intercontinental University of Business (UIE) and Microsoft sign an alliance to train and certify their students in the technologies that companies demand the most

UIE will expedite the adoption of Microsoft technologies at all levels, something that will allow teachers to improve their educational methodology, and students to train and certify in the digital technologies and skills demanded by the current labor market.

Through Microsoft AI Business School and UIE, students will train and discover in a practical way all the possibilities of applying Artificial Intelligence in the business environment.

The collaboration agreement includes the implementation of teaching and research projects, with special focus on the application of innovative technologies to environmental sustainability.

Madrid, November 10, 2022.- The Intercontinental Business University (UIE), avant-garde educational entity, with experience of more than three decades in university and executive higher education, has signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft that will promote research, digital training and the employability of its students.

The agreement, which was signed today in A Coruña by Miguel Ángel Escotet, rector of the Intercontinental Business University, and Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, aims to promote the digital transformation of the university entity and apply technological innovation in the training of its students, training them with the skills that companies really demand.

UIE proposes an individualized face-to-face model, teaching all its degree and master’s programs on the A Coruña and Vigo campuses. A presence that is complemented by mentoring and tutoring, the use of interactive technology and remote actions. Something that will now be reinforced, thanks to the incorporation of Microsoft solutions aimed at improving communication and collaboration between teachers, administration staff and students. The use of Microsoft 365 Education or Teams will allow the university to provide more flexible, attractive and inclusive learning experiences.

The agreement also contemplates joint work between Microsoft and the Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa in the implementation of teaching and research projects, placing special emphasis on those focused on the application of innovative technologies toenvironmental sustainability.

And the labor market increasingly demands more professionals trained with a combination of STEM knowledge and skills, such as AI, the use of data or quantum computing, with others specialized in sustainability.

A lot of digital talent is needed to face the enormous demand for digitalization of all types of companies and organizations in Spain, not only in the technology sector, but in any field of activity.

Microsoft will help the UIE to offer an innovative training proposal that includes the digital skills required by the business sector, thus improving the employability and incorporation into the labor market of its students.

Students of the university’s different degrees and master’s degrees will find Microsoft Learn, an open online platform , organized by itineraries, step-by-step tutorials and interactive environments that facilitate practical learning. This is a training model and official certifications in Microsoft’s most innovative technologies, such as cloud computing, data science or Artificial Intelligence, which will help UIE students to differentiate themselves and improve their professional possibilities.

This agreement with Microsoft, “is born from our vocation for innovation, for new technologies, for digitalization and sustainability, for the world of permanent transformation. What we do sometimes is train professionals for a world that no longer exists; On the contrary, these professionals have to adapt to the circumstances of the structural, social, scientific and technological change itself. On this path, the university must above all teach how to think, create the attitude towards the risk of thinking, exercise a gestalt vision and give free rein to the creative imagination. And this in the context of lifelong learning, inserted in the very dynamics of mutation and uncertainty of society and its productive system, which not only requires possessing the knowledge and techniques in today’s world, but also, fundamentally, their training to learn, relearn and unlearn without pause as the only solution to adapt to the future, to anticipate it, and educate for after tomorrow. Microsoft, as an iconic company at the forefront of new technologies, can cooperate to anticipate the future,” says Miguel Ángel Escotet, rector of the Intercontinental Business University (UIE) and emeritus professor at the University of Texas.

«The lack of digital talent is one of the biggest challenges within the necessary transformation processes of Spanish companies and public entities. It is essential to collaborate with educational entities on initiatives that help train qualified talent with the skills that companies really demand and that improve youth employability. That is our objective with the agreement that we have signed with Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa», says Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain.

Practical training on AI applied to business

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way companies operate in all sectors. The application of this technology to business is part of the bases of the agreement between the Intercontinental Business University and Microsoft.

By incorporating to its study plan the Microsoft AI Business School, The UIE will offer its students the possibility of discovering and delving into all the potential applications that this technology has in the business environment, something that will enable them to apply for the jobs that are most required in public and private companies.

Also, the UIE faculty Those who do not have these skills will be able to acquire these skills so that they can better help the training of their students. With Microsoft Learn for Educators, you will have access to an online platform organized by learning paths that will help teachers to incorporate an official curriculum, teaching materials and connection spaces with other educators and Microsoft experts into their classes, where they can share best practices to inspire students in their digital training.

You can access this and other contents in the Microsoft News Center in Spain.

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