An international and excellence-based educational model unlike any other in Europe. With courses that focus on business, innovation, entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology, we aim to educate so-called knowmads or nomads of knowledge and innovation. The professionals of the future.

We are committed to you

Letting you learn at your own pace

Our classes are taught in small groups offering tailored learning experiences. You will have the chance to make up or earn extra credits in the summer session. Our on-site campuses are in A Coruña and Vigo and we also have a state-of-the-art virtual campus so you can take an active role in building your knowledge.

Enhancing your skills and talents

If at the end of the first year you do not think that it is the right degree for you, you will be able to transfer to another degree without losing the credits that you have already earned. If you choose another degree within the same area of study you will be able to transfer 100% of the credit-hours gained, and if you choose a degree from another area of study you will be able to transfer at least 70% of the credits.

Providing you with ongoing support

You will be assigned a mentor and two tutors who will be jointly responsible for your academic and professional development. We believe in people with high potential, and that is why we have designed an ambitious scholarship program to ensure that no-one is denied the chance to achieve excellence for financial reasons

Guaranteeing your access to the labor market

Your employability is our priority. We guarantee that you will have access to internships in different companies and institutions. This means that you will finish your studies with accredited work experience, an advantage that will open many doors for you at the beginning of your professional career.

Involving you in
interdisciplinary projects

You will share classrooms with students from different areas of study, meaning that you can benefit from different perspectives while building common skills. You will have the chance to do internships in major public and private, national and international companies.

Valuing your
every-day work

Thanks to our periodic self-assessment and quality control system, you will be able to develop self-criticism. We have a continuous assessment system in place, in which there are no final exams, meaning that all of your work counts. Thanks to this fairer evaluation system, you will be able to meet the high standards that are required to be able to continue with your studies.

Giving you a chance to cross borders

We have expanded and strengthened agreements with prestigious universities including Georgetown University, London School of Economics, Universidade Nova – Lisboa, University of California at Riverside, UIBE Beijing – China, State University of New York, Dublin Business School, Haute École de Gestion – Geneve, Tel Aviv University, Frankfurt School of Management.

You will find yourself immersed in a progressive bilingual environment in English, which is essential for your international mobility, and thanks to your interactions with students and professors from different backgrounds you will have a truly multicultural experience, which will help you to expand your horizons and go beyond your own limits.

Allowing you to build experience and generate value in society

You will have the chance to personally contribute to a more sustainable and ethical model of society by participating in a community service projects, as well as the possibility of conceiving service learning from any subject related to your career.

Letting you
grow with us

We are building on more than three decades of experience in executive advanced education at IESIDE, our Institute of Higher Education specialized in business studies.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business Administration

Bachelor's Degree in Intelligent Systems Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Business Engineering

Master's Degree in Technology and Data Intelligence

Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management