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Executive Master in International Business

The only Global Executive Master in Galicia

As an experienced executive you are aware of how complex it is to thrive in a new paradigm of uncertainty and constant technological disruption. And you are conscious about how crucial a powerful global mindset will be in your international career. The UIE’s Executive Master in International Business is designed to help you create worldwide value for yourself and broaden your personal brand by studying the secrets of global management with world-renowned faculty and by reinforcing your learning experience at top business schools.

5 reasons

to start the UIE Executive Master in International Business

Gain a global mindset

Gain a global perspective in strategic decision-making by fully interacting with a culturally and professionally diverse cohort of peers and sharing your views with a world-experienced faculty.

Be ready for a true intercultural challenge

Discover the keys to succeed and benefit from business opportunities offered by the complex global market in an intensive study tour at a leading business school, and enjoying a true intercultural experience with your classmates.

Learn through real experience

Train your international leadership and negotiation skills through hands-on experience activities. We teach you how to negotiate by negotiating with real international suppliers in our ˝Negotiation Lab.

Learn from real mistakes in our ©FailureLab. Grasp reality in company visits and gain insights into different sectors and markets in casual atmosphere out-of-the-classroom encounters with MIB professionals.

Maximize your English proficiency

Make the most of your knowledge of English for business by extensive practice of all communication skills and interacting with peers and lecturers in class and during your International Study tour.

Join the leading network of first-rate international managers

Join the leading Galician community of international managers with over 25 years´ history and present in all five continents.

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Welcome to a new era of management with UIE.

What do you need to know?


A Coruña


face-to-face with remote activity


9 months




October 2024


Friday afternoon & Saturday morning

Study Tour London School of Economics (UK)

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The participant

The Executive Master in International Business is your programme if you are…
  • Curious about exploring cultural diversity challenges.
  • Driven to solve complex challenges under uncertainty.
  • Committed to global responsible leadership and eager to make lasting impact.
  • Interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge of international operations, both at operational and strategic level.
  • Willing to develop your intercultural leadership skills.
  • A professional with a higher degree and an average of 5 years working experience in international positions or international companies.
  • Proficient in using English in a business context


The Executive Master in International Business is a 9-month (30 ECTS) specialized global management degree for professionals seeking a career in international business or leadership roles across global organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The program builds on a strong foundation of traditional business administration courses, such as finance, marketing strategies, and human capital but in addition it offers a specialized curriculum of cross-cultural communications, digital transformation and sustainability that will prepare you to work across borders, cultures, industries, and sectors anywhere in the world.

The programme is structured in 3 interconnected learning blocks.

Executive Master in International Business

In this part of the program, you will study 5 subjects of highly specialized international content.

  • Internationalization Strategy
  • International Operations Management
  • International Leadership
  • International Expansion
  • International Marketing

The MIB combines the acquisition of international knowledge with a wide variety of application experiences, mostly outside the classroom format.

The Experiential Learning components are:

  1. Learning from others: #MEETAMIB.
  2. Learning by grasping reality: #MEETAMIBCOMPANY.
  3. Intercultural: @NEGOTIATION LAB.
  4. Learning by reflecting on mistakes: @FAILURE LAB.
  5. Learning by living a global experience: #STUDYTOUR.


You will apply all the knowledge your have acquired during the master developing an internationalization plan for a real company.

Expert consultants will guide you with individual tutorials to achieve your final objective: to show the application of the MIB learning experience in your company international plan.

You will show your persuasion skills and the application of all the knowledge gained in the MIB in your final project dissertation, which will be attended not only by members of the faculty but also by managers of your company. This is your hour of truth, the time you will be proud of your 9-month international learning journey.

Programs related

with the Executive Master in International Business

Through the Executive Education area, UIE offers the most complete range of training programs to help Galician companies achieve their objectives of economic growth, which requires highly qualified professionals.

Exponential Executive MBA

El Exponential Executive MBA desarrolla la visión estratégica necesaria para identificar nuevas oportunidades de negocio, la capacidad para diseñar e implementar estrategias y las habilidades necesarias para liderar procesos de cambio.


Directivos de área y/o departamento


2 estancias internacionales


Pasar de la dirección al liderazgo


15 meses

Executive Masters

El Executive Master desarrolla una visión global del negocio que capacita al profesional para dirigir un área o departamento con eficacia, perfeccionando las competencias de la función conociendo el impacto de la misma en el conjunto de la compañía.


Mandos intermedios, responsables de área y/o departamento


Desarrollar una visión global del negocio


9 meses

Executive Programs

Profundiza en los conocimientos, técnicas y herramientas específicas de cada función para asentar una base sólida en la gestión operativa del día a día que refuerce al profesional en su área o departamento.


Técnicos de área o departamento


Alcanzar el dominio de la función a través del expertise.


6 meses

Advanced Programs

Con el objetivo de trasladar las últimas y más relevantes del management, los participantes de los Advanced Programs actualizarán sus  conocimientos y habilidades, potenciando un mindset de crecimiento en su área de responsabilidad acorde a los nuevos paradigmas que marcarán el futuro de la gestión empresarial.


Profesionales con al menos 5 años de experiencia


Conocer las últimas tendencias en management


2-3 meses


12-15 ECTS

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