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How to write a cover letter for companies?

The first impression always has a great impact, especially when it comes to applying for a job. So that, the cover letter becomes a valuable complement to the resume, as it gives you the initial opportunity to make a connection with your future job.

According to an investigation by LiveCareer, 83% of recruiters say cover letters are essential when making hiring decisions. This shows that writing an effective cover letter makes a difference. It also increases the chances of you getting the job you want.

At the Intercontinental University of Business (UIE) we want you to develop as a complete professional. That is why, in this article, we present you a guide on how to make a cover letter. You will also learn the key elements you should include and some practical tips to write an impeccable cover letter.

What is a cover letter?

The cover letter is a text that accompanies the resume. Its function is to establish contact with the company and concisely summarize who you are, your work skills and what distinguishes you as a professional.

In other words, it is a resume summary that highlights the most relevant aspects of your experience and why your profile fits what the company is looking for. Therefore, you need to write an appropriate cover letter for each job offer you apply for..

Why does a cover letter matter?

The cover letter plays a significant role for both the company, the recruiter and the candidate. Below, we indicate some reasons that support its importance for each of those involved:

  • For the company.

The cover letter is valuable to the company because it provides additional information about the candidate. This allows you to evaluate your skills, determine if you fit with the work environment and check if your objectives are aligned with those of the organization.

  • For the recruiter.

The cover letter gives the recruiter a broader view of the candidate’s motivations, objectives and competencies. With this information, thethe recruiter can filter the candidates and decide who goes to the next stage of the selection process.

  • For the candidate.

The cover letterpermits the candidate to differentiate themselves and present both their experience and skills convincingly. Likewise, the candidate can highlight their strengths and help build a positive image that increases their chances of being selected.

How to write a cover letter? Practical tips.

Here are five practical tips on how to write an effective cover letter:

  • Make a clear header.

Start the letter with your contact information, followed by the date and the name of the company or recruiter. This facilitates identification and monitoring during the selection process.

  • Greet in a personalized way.

Address the person responsible for hiring by name, if possible. This shows interest and commitment, as it is a clear sign that you have taken the time to research.

  • Be brief and clear .

Focus on the relevant aspects and be concise.Highlight your skills and experiences related to the position and how you can add value to the company.

  • Create a solid structure.

Divide your letter into coherent paragraphs. The first paragraph should be a solid introduction and the following can detail your achievements and relevant skills.

  • Include a closing and follow-up.

Thank them for the opportunity to introduce yourself and express your interest in an interview or further discussion . Be sure to provide your contact information and express your willingness to follow the process.

How does UIE help you in your first contact with the world of work?

At UIE, we provide you with the necessary support to achieve success in your first contact with the world of work. Through our Professional Guidance Service, we have implemented the following activities:

Management of curricular practices.

At the UIE we offer university degrees and Master’s degrees that include external internships. Our main objective is to give you the opportunity to finish your studies with accredited work experience. In addition, you will be able to do internships in prestigious companies and globally recognized institutions.

Meetings with established business people.

At UIE, we give you an enriching experience in the business world. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by providing you with the opportunity to meet and engage conversations with businessmen and managers. This is carried out through interesting talks, conferences, and presentations held at our university, making the training of our students even more complete and enriching.

Professional training.

The professional training consists of the following:

  • Assistance in preparing your CV.
  • Interview simulations.
  • Training for group dynamics.
  • Personal brand development and networking.
  • Design of an effective cover letter.

As you may have noticed, the cover letter is a crucial element to stand out during the job search process. Now that you know how to write a cover letter, it’s time to take control of your professional path. At UIE, we invite you to browse our website to discover all our academic programs aimed at preparing you for the world of work: from university degrees, from official Master’s to executive training.

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