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Do you know which are the most in-demand professions according to LinkedIn?

The labor market in Spain is in constant change and growth. According to Active Population Survey there are currently 20.45 million people employed in the country. This figure represents a significant increase of 368,000 employees compared to 2022.

In this context, some professions have acquired special relevance. In fact, in a report from LinkedIn noted a continued increase in certain professional categories such as technology, specialized engineering and data science. Therefore, opting for these related careers can mean a competitive advantage over others.

At the Intercontinental University of Business we focus on preparing students for the careers of the future. For this reason, we want to share with you valuable information about the most in-demand professional categories, according to the results of LinkedIn research, so that you can clearly visualize the opportunities that await you.

What are the professional categories that will lead the market according to LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn, there are certain categories that stand out as the most requested in the job market. Within these divisions, some professions also stand out as the most in demand.

In order for you to be able to increase your professional opportunities, below we present some of the most in-demand professional categories:

Specialized engineering.

Over the past few years, engineering has seen steady growth in the job market. In 2020, engineering professions increased by 63%.

Spain stands out for hosting some of the best universities worldwide in the field of engineering. Likewise, the engineering sector represents 90% of total hires that require university studies.

En UIE ofrecemos el grado de Ingeniería de la Empresa. Se trata de una combinación única de gestión empresarial, desarrollo de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación (TIC) y Gestión Medioambiental. Esta combinación te convertirá en un auténtico dinamizador y gestor del cambio.

Additionally, in the Business Engineering degree you will be able to develop the following key skills for the future:

  • Organizational analysis.

You will obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to comprehensively evaluate the organizational environment . You will also be able to identify, formulate and carry out digital and ecological transformation projects, oriented towards quality and continuous improvement.

  • Strategic thinking.

With our training, you will be prepared to successfully face the challenges of a complex, highly competitive business future in constant technological evolution.

Likewise, by acquiring the skill of strategic thinking you will be able to anticipate scenarios, make informed decisions and plan long-term actions.

Science of data and AI.

In December of 2020, Spain announced an ambitious investment of 600 million euros in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The objective was to promote economic transformation at the national level, recognizing the strategic importance of AI for the development of the economy and society.

En UIE, estamos plenamente conscientes de esta tendencia y nos encontramos en sintonía con las demandas del mercado laboral actual. Por esta razón, hemos desarrollado un grado académico de vanguardia: Ingeniería en Sistemas Inteligentes. Este programa está diseñado para brindar a los estudiantes competencias tecnológicas asociadas a la IA y las TIC.

The key skills that you will develop in the Intelligent Systems Engineering degree are:

  • Organization.

You will acquire knowledge and tools to evaluate the organizational environment at all its functional levels.

  • Digital innovation.

Through our program, you will become a true explorer of knowledge and innovation. You will investigate the most recent technological advances, such as agents, intelligent multi-agent systems and artificial vision.


During 2020, technology professions experienced a growth of 38%. Among the most popular jobs are web developer, IT analyst, business intelligence and video game designer and developer.

In fact, video game design and development has experienced a boom in recent years for two reasons:

  • Popularity and growth of the industry .

Video games have experienced exponential growth. This has generated an increased demand for professionals trained in game design and development. The systems engineering specialistshave played an essential role during game testing to ensure game quality and create engaging and realistic experiences.

  • Technological advances.

Increased processing power, as well as advances in virtual and augmented reality, have opened up new creative possibilities in video game design and development. This has generated a increased demand for professionals with specialized technical skillsto make the most of these technologies.

Now that you have knowledge about the areas that lead the job market according to LinkedIn, it is time to prepare to advance in your professional career. At UIE, you are offered a wide variety of university degrees that will help you acquire the skills demanded by the current market and that, in addition, comply with rigorous quality standards. We invite you to review our academic offer and become a professional prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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