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The Galician Council of Universities authorizes the official Bachelor´s degrees and Master’s degrees of UIE

The plenary session of the Galician Council of Universities in its plenary session held this morning authorized, after favorable verification of the Agency for Quality of the Galician University System (ACSUG, by its Galician acronym), all the degrees, four undergraduate degrees and two official master’s degrees that we will offer in our first year of implementation, as well as the draft decree that authorizes the beginning of its activities. A meeting in which the dean of UIE, Miguel Ángel Escotet, and the general secretary, Pedro Otero, were present. The next academic year 2022-2023 we begin our journey as an avant-garde, private and public service university, non-profit and committed to the sustainable development of Galician society, culture and economy. The admission period will be open until July 31, with the possibility of extension until the beginning of the course, depending on the availability of places.

During this first course we will have two faculties, Business Administration and Law and Engineering and Business Technology that will start with four degrees, which will be taught simultaneously at our campuses in A Coruña and Vigo: Intelligent Systems Engineering, Digital Business Administration, Business Administration and Management, and Business Engineering , which is incorporated as a novelty in the Spanish university system. Two university Master’s degrees will also be taught: Business Data Technology and Intelligence and Business Management and Administration. In successive years, according to the legal prescription, we will progressively incorporate a new faculty and undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees, as reflected in the global implementation, with an innovative academic and teaching-learning model that combines the European (Bologna) and Anglo-Saxon higher education systems.

As a strategic project of corporate and institutional social responsibility of ABANCA and Afundación, financed exclusively with their own resources, the returns will be fully reinvested in the institution. Likewise, it will be allocated to scholarships up to 15 % de the annual income, giving priority to talented people who have a low level of income.


We present a teaching-learning model centered on the student, flexible and personalized and with permanent tutoring and mentoring. In the words of our dean, Miguel Ángel Escotet, “a university for innovation, which allows a vigorous capacity for creation, research and change; a university for the human being, focused on people, oriented to form knowmads – nomads of knowledge and innovation – that educates for talent and mood, strengthening knowledge, skills and abilities, but above all to learn beyond the university. Our first commitment is to the student and their integral development as a person and as a professional”.

With the value of the experience of more than three decades of university and executive education through the IESIDE business school, in the last 5 years employability levels of 94 % para degree and 96 % para postgraduate are being reached. Following this path undertaken and, as one of the first universities internationally specialized in business, we will develop a close collaboration with the business sector as part of the educational process. Likewise, a unique practicum will be implemented in the Spanish university system that will incorporate a wide range of extracurricular and service-learning activities, with community service projects so that students experience the value of their personal contribution to a more sustainable model of society.

Internationalization is one of our founding principles. We will provide the student with an international, bilingual and multicultural experience, inside and outside the institution. The curriculum of all degrees provide for student mobility, expanding and strengthening agreements with prestigious universities, in line with existing ones.

The model will be flexible and personalized, with mobility between degrees, the possibility of freely taking some subjects in other degrees of UIE or other recognized institutions, national or international, or the implementation of an optional intensive extraordinary semester in summer for students to advance or recover subjects and develop education-work practices. Likewise, at the end of the first academic year, students may change their degree without prejudice to the credits taken, which will be recognized in the destination degree. On the other hand, the credit system makes the European Bologna system compatible with the American, Asian and Anglo-Saxon system.

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