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How to prepare for the first day of college?

The first day of college is a big, exciting, yet stressful change. Chances are you are as excited as you are anxious. For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips that will make this start easier for you and help you overcome the stress of the first day.

5 tips to face your first day of college

#1 Research your university thoroughly through its website.

The idea is that before your first day at the university you will get to know the organization, campus layout and other elements of the university. In this way, you will be familiar with the center.

You may already know about the university, either because you’ve taken the entrance exams or attended an open house. This is great, but you need more information to gain confidence and leave anxiety behind.

For example, on the UIE website you can find everything you need to know, from the academic model to the principles that govern our training. You can see how the campus is composed, its facilities. Through Google Maps you can also see how large it is and where it is located to make calculations regarding travel.

#2 Visit the campus a few days before the start of the course

Again, we insist that you may have attended an open house and already know a little about the facilities and locations. However, this new visit makes a lot of sense and serves several purposes:

  1. You will be able to calculate the time that it takes you to get to the university (don’t forget to add an extra 20 minutes as a security margin in case of unexpected events).
  2. Know the buildings well, where the classrooms, the library and the main facilities are.
  3. Consider if it is easy for you  to move from one place to another.

The interesting thing is that you become familiar with the movements, schedules and important spaces. When you visit, for example, the library (the place where you will spend time studying), it is important that you see what it is like, if it has enough space, what the room with computer equipment is like, if it is possible to do work in groups, etc.

Something like this happens with all facilities: pay attention to everything and process the information. The 5 senses are your best allies.

#3 Organize everything well

In this sense, it is recommended that you créate a Schedule to organize your time from the first day. You can make a list of everything you may need, think about what your new routine could be like, create a daily plan, etc.

Review the schedule you have planned for the first day of university to make sure what the program is and that you can allocate the time appropriately (taking into account travel).

There are computer applications specialized in organization. Alternatively, you can always use an agenda where you will have written down your class schedules, pending tasks, study schedules and important dates (for example, exams).
The organization method does not have to be complex. Quite the opposite; the simpler, the better.

#4 Take notes of everything the teachers say

The first day of college is an introduction. Each teacher will explain the subject, objectives, necessary materials, tutorial schedules, contact mode (email), evaluation system, exam dates, etc.

This is extremely important information. You have to write it all down and ask when something is not clear to you. Do not be afraid to ask, teachers are there to help you and answer all your questions.

A question, asked with appropriate courtesy, is never frowned upon. However, it may be frowned upon if you later ask about something that the teacher already explained during the presentation, because it is a sign that you did not pay enough attention. So this is the time to resolve all your doubts.
The most important thing in this respect is that you are very clear about how each subject works and the responsibilities that you have to face.

#5 Adopt a positive attitude

The most important thing to face your first day of college is inside of you. It is your attitude and you must keep it positive.

Don’t be critical or prejudge the teachers or your classmates. Stay assertive and open.

Start interacting with other people, after all, you are going to be classmates and lifelong friendships may even emerge.

A new stage of your life begins, full of challenges and responsibilities, but also full of great experiences and opportunities. You will see how the stress of the first day of college will pass before the day is over if you follow these steps and have a good attitude.

The only secret that the university has is to do your work diligently, stay open to knowledge and enjoy each experience. Wonderful years await you.

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