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How to improve your employability?

Improving employability is a task that must be carried out in parallel with the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills. In the field of business management, the work of any professional, even more so if they occupy an executive or management position, require a multifunctional, dynamic profile adapted to current challenges. It becomes essential to complement training by acquiring a series of specific skills to gain competitiveness in the labor market.

Forging this profile depends largely on you; and that is why we are going to offer you 5 tips that will help you in this task. However, the learning environment and the training program you carry out have a direct impact on achieving this goal.

For this reason, the training programs that we develop at the UIE: degrees, university master’s degrees and executive training, are specifically created to promote all the factors that enhance professional development and , in the case of recent graduates, access to the labor market, given that greater employability is one of our priorities. So whether you are a university student or an executive leader of your team, this article interests you.

Improve your employability.

5 ways of improving your employability

#1 Improve your interpersonal skills

One of the keys to being a leader and increasing your employability in the business field is good development of the so-called (Soft Skills). Among them, it is worth highlighting skills in leadership, communication, analysis skills, organization, planning and team management.

These types of skills, such as knowing how to defend your ideas and present your work (as well as your value when it comes to accessing a job opportunity as a business executive), are related to mindset and character. It is not about technical knowledge, but about attitudes towards certain situations.

The responsibility for students to acquire or perfect these skills falls on the training centers, or that is how we understand it at UIE, where we not only articulate subjects around “soft skills”, but we incorporate them as part of our methodology, since they are variables that require practicing them.

#2 Do extracurricular activities

In addition to improving your attitude and strengthening your character, activities parallel to training (such as sports, culture, groups, communities, internships, etc.) contribute to improving your image and putting skills such as decision-making into practice.

If it is a team activity, much better; because you also get experience when it comes to managing your relationships and social skills. In addition, they are usually a measure of your capacity and responsibility when it comes to contributing effort towards common success.

In this aspect, sports also teach a series of values. For example, accepting and tolerating failure, staying calm in times of stress or coping with difficult situations; skills that will be your allies throughout your career, whether when you join the internships that you can carry out during your training, or throughout the exercise of your profession.

On the other hand, extracurricular activities have an additional advantage: they allow you to expand your network of contacts and carry out Networking activities. As we will see later, they can be a source of help.

#3 Master the technology

You cannot talk about business management without mentioning digitalization.

The digital world has brought companies a significant reduction in costs, greater agility in their processes, reduction in errors and another series of benefits (we would need an entire article to name them all).

The point is that currently a company that does not use the digital medium is not conceivable, because it would not be competitive and would disappear. Therefore, developing a digital mindset and qualifying to handle new technologies is a must both for current executives and for those who will take over management of companies in the future.

#4 Manage your network of contacts

Of course, to manage a network of contacts and carry out Networking work, you first need to create the aforementioned network.

For this reason, if you are a student it is important that from your formative stage you begin to weave this network of contacts; taking care of it and managing it properly.

Both teachers, classmates, and people from other areas are potential nodes in your network. In the future you will be able to find a large number of ways to collaborate with them.

In fact, at UIE we encourage this type of actions. In addition to improving your employability, we offer you great opportunities to enhance your social skills and generate your own network.

#5 Take one more step in your training

Training “once for life” is a concept that is part of the past. Specialization, permanent recycling and “lifelong learning” are fundamental aspects for the development of our professional career.

In this aspect, specialized master’s degrees and programs will become your best allies. At UIE, for example, our postgraduate portfolio adapts to the different needs that you will need in your professional career, whether to make the leap into the business world or to give it a boost< /strong>. And we do it through the design of syllabi, the development of skills and the different teaching methods that we incorporate.

Knowing the business ecosystem and knowing how to function in it is essential. To achieve this, the training center must take the practical part to the next level: visits to various companies, attending conferences, promoting networking with businessmen and managers, holding workshops, internship agreements and job boards, learning contracts, etc.
All this, together with the knowledge of essential aspects in management – both from a general perspective and as a specialist in an area, such as:

  • Marketing.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Economy and Finances.
  • Sustainability.
  • Strategy.
  • Digital technologies.
  • Internationalization.

They will provide you with comprehensive training that will guarantee adaptation to the work needs demanded by the current environment.

In conclusion, at UIE our priority is to improve your employability, both with our executive training programs if you are already in the labor market, as with our postgraduate courses if you are still training. Whatever the case, contact us if you have any questions.

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