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How much do you know about the digital mindset and digital skills? Quiz!

Now that you have tested your knowledge, from UIE we will answer all your questions on this topic.

What is the digital mindset?

When we talk about digital mindset we are referring to the ability to have an open mind towards new technological changes in companies, with the aim of creating value from them.

To achieve this, it requires a set of technological skills from employees, but it also involves developing an innovative and receptive mindset regarding digitalization. This means that employees must always be one step further and have a vision of the future that includes the new technologies.

As professionals, it is important to know what skills we must develop. Only in this way is it possible to adapt more easily to an environment that is constantly changing.

What are the main skills that we must acquire to have a digital mindset?

The process to develop a digital mindset can be complex, as many skills need to be acquired to achieve it. However, the most in-demand skills are the following:

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