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Everything you need to know about how internship agreements work

The internship agreementis an agreement between a student, a company and an academic center.Its objective is for the student to join a work team as an apprentice. In some cases, it includes financial compensation, but the main focus is work experience.

Spanish legislation regulates internship agreements in the Royal Decree 1493/2011. This decree establishes the requirements that must be met to guarantee a fruitful internship experience. In addition, rights and obligations are established for all parties involved in the internship agreement. At the Intercontinental Business University (UIE) we value the importance of practical training in degrees and masters. Therefore, in this article, we provide you with all the necessary information so that you can learn more about the internship agreement of our university. This way, you will be able to make the most of this unique learning opportunity.

Why are internships important for the student and the company?

Internships are of great importance for the student, as they give them the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real work environment. Likewise, the student acquires valuable skills and establishes a network of professional contacts for future jobs.

On the other hand, the company obtains a fresh and innovative perspective from the student. Through their comments and suggestions, the company identifies opportunities for improvement.

Curricular internship agreement in university degrees

All UIE training offerings include the professional internship agreement. These internships are designed to guarantee the students’ job placement.

The internship agreements offered by the UIE are with companies and institutions of national and international prestige and market leaders. This allows students to gain experience in highly competitive work environments.

One of the aspects to highlight about UIE’s practices is that we develop a strong relationship and collaboration with the business sector. This collaboration covers all types of companies and organizations (public, social, health, cultural, NGOs, intergovernmental and educational organizations).

When choosing your curricular internships, we will take into account your preferences and tastes to be able to do them in the sector or entity that you like the most.

Internships are an essential part of the study plans. Therefore, they are mandatory and have an equivalence in credits. In addition, they are carried out during the academic year and students are appointed atutor both at the university and in the companywhere the internships are carried out.

At the end of this period, a joint evaluation is carried out to assess the student’s performance and their integration into work. In this way, students are prepared for the world of work.

All information about internships can be found in our professional guidance service.

Curricular internship agreement in Master’s degrees

If you are a student of a Master’s degree at the UIE, you will carry out an internship agreement in high-level public and private collaborating companies and institutions and with national and international prestige. This allows you to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom and develop practical skills for your future professional performance.

Theinternship period, added to the high specialization in the postgraduate degree, prepares you to make relevant contributions to the development of the companies where you join after graduating.

What does the UIE Practicum philosophy consist of?

At UIE, training is not only limited to subjects. It is a continuous learning experience in university degrees and master’s degrees. For this reason, our Practicum is designed as complementary training outside the classroom, which provides added value to the student when entering the labor market.

Practicum Philosophy in University Degrees

It consists of constant learning from the beginning to the end of the degree. It is achieved through complementary extracurricular training activities that make up a unique and innovative Practicum in the Spanish university system.

As a UIE student, you also participate in extracurricular training activities each semester, as part of the educational program of your respective university careers.

The Practicum will be evaluated as “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” and will be included in each student’s academic record. It requires a minimum of 25 hours per semester and, for at least one semester, will focus on service-learning (SAP) activities.

Practicum Philosophy in Masters

The UIE has developed “Practicum” training also in the master’s degrees. This includes mandatory extracurricular training activities for each student, which strengthen skills in a work and social environment.

Once you pass all the subjects, you must complete a “Practicum” extension. Some of the activities they include are the following:

  • Extracurricular external internships.
  • External academic stay.
  • Internal or external research stay.

On the other hand, complementary (mandatory) training is acquired through the following activities:

  • Practical assistance and improvement workshops.
  • Participation in conferences and conferences.
  • Service-learning activities.

Once you have completed this stage, you will be prepared for immediate incorporation into the labor market. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to successfully perform in the following roles:

  • General management of companies and public institutions.
  • Advisory and consultancy.
  • Teaching and research activities.

Now that you know everything about the UIE internship agreement, we invite you to discover our training offer at university degrees, postgraduates and executive training. Prepare for professional success and take the first step to achieve your goals.

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