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75% of companies need you: Discover how you will be indispensable in the age of AI

The World Economic Forum points out that specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, data analysts and scientists, and digital transformation specialists are the most prominent emerging professions. These jobs play a fundamental role in driving innovation and efficiency in organizations. As a result, its demand continues to increase today.

In the era of AI, these positions also play a key role in working closely with engineers on intelligent systems. Together, they are responsible for developing advanced solutions, optimizing processes and contributing to decision-making based on accurate and relevant data.

At the Intercontinental University of Business (UIE), we focus on preparing the professionals of tomorrow. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading this article to discover how you can become a fundamental element in the era of artificial intelligence.

The most prominent emerging jobs in the world of AI.

According to the Report on the Future of Jobs 2023, there are certain functions that play a fundamental role in the AI era. These emerging jobs are of great importance to make the most of the potential of technologies and face the challenges and opportunities that arise.

Specialists in AI and machine learning.

According to the report, the number of AI specialists is expected to increase by 40% by 2027. . These professionals play a crucial role in developing, implementing and maintaining efficient artificial intelligence systems.

In addition to their technical responsibilities, specialists in this area are also responsible for addressing the ethical and social challenges with the use of this technology. This is vitally important given that, as artificial intelligence becomes more ubiquitous in our lives, there are increasing concerns about privacy and security.

In this context, specialists in this technological novelty play a key role in the implementation of practices and policies that address these problems in a responsible manner.

What are the specializations in AI?

Some of the specializations are the following:

  • Automatic Learning.

Machine learning is a specialization in AI that focuses on the development of algorithms and models. These allow machines to improve their performance through experience. In this way, they can perform specific tasks, such as pattern recognition, regression, and complex decision making.

  • Natural Language Processing.

This specialization focuses on developing algorithms and models that allow machines to understand, interpret and generate human language efficiently.

Analysts and data scientists.

The aforementioned report forecasts asignificant increase of 30-35% in demand for analysts and data scientists.

These professionals collect and analyze large volumes of data using statistical techniques and machine learning tools. Their work provides valuable information, which allows organizations to make informed decisions.

Additionally, these analysts are responsible for developing and improving artificial intelligence models using machine learning algorithms and optimization techniques. Thus, machines learn complex patterns and make decisions based on data.

The experience of data analysts and scientists is essential to ensure the accuracy of AI systems . This is because they have specialized knowledge in understanding and manipulating data, which is crucial to the success of this new technology models.

At UIE, we offer the Master in Business Data Technology and Intelligence that will allow you to develop the necessary knowledge for correct management of the information that every company obtains and generates: from obtaining the data, its exploitation and security, to its application in decision-making.

Specialists in digital transformation.

Digital transformation specialists are experts in the implementation of advanced technologies, such as:

  • The automation of processes.
  • The analysis of data.
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Automatic learning.

Among the specializations in digital transformation, the following stand out: information security analysts. These professionals are responsible for evaluating, mitigating and preventing cybersecurity risks associated with the implementation and use of advanced digital technologies.

You can become a great professional in this field with the degree in Intelligent Systems Engineering which we offer here at UIE.

The responsibilities of the information security analyst include:

  • Risk evaluation.

Specialists conduct comprehensive security assessments to identify weaknesses in digital infrastructure. This involves analyzing potential risks and evaluating security measures.

  • Implementation of security measures.

They develop and apply security policies, procedures and protocols to protect systems and data from cyber threats. This may include setting up firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and user authentication, among other measures.

At UIE we are aware that the labor market is changing rapidly. Therefore, we have created a academic model unique in Europe, that combines teaching and learning in an innovative way. Don’t settle for the traditional, join us and discover a new educational approach that will open the doors to a future full of possibilities!

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