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Where to study the best BMA degree?

If your goal is to direct and manage a company, there is no better option than studying the Degree in Business Management and Administration (BMA) from UIE.

Every year, this degree is one of the most requested in Spain. The reason behind its popularity is the extensive and complete training it offers in the field of business and economics.

Choosing the University to study the BMA degree can be a real challenge. It is necessary to consider some factors such as teaching quality, curriculum and professional practices. Likewise, you must evaluate the prestige and recognition of the university in the business field. At the Intercontinental University of Business (UIE) we recognize the importance of having a solid academic training. Therefore, in this article we present the best option to study the BMA degree in Spain.

What does the BMA degree consist of?

The BMA degree focuses on the study of all areas of companies and their different departments. This career is very flexible since it includes subjects from various business fields, which complement each other to offer a comprehensive vision of the company.

What is studied in a BMA degree?

A student of the BMA degree receives training in the following areas:

  • Financial mathematics
  • Bank management
  • Business law
  • Leadership and business management
  • Digital marketing

At UIE, students of the Business Management and Administration degree receive solid training, which includes mandatory and elective subjects. The latter allow the student to personalize their training, according to their interests and professional objectives. Our content stands out for its specialization within the field of business administration and management and its international focus.

Some of the contents that are taught 100% in English are the following:

  • Strategic Management
  • Business Skills
  • Business Ethics
  • International Trade
  • Global Society Dynamics

What are the advantages of studying a Business Management and Administration degree at BMA?

UIE is the best option to study the Degree in Business Management and Administration. Why? Because we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of business education. One of the strong points that differentiate us is our innovative and unique academic model in Europe, focused on student support and focused in a training methodology that adapts to your professional needs and interests. Next, we present some of the advantages of studying an BMA degree at our university:

1. You develop leadership skills

UIE’s BMA degree prepares you to lead teams and manage projects efficiently. During the program, you will learn to formulate business strategies and develop effective communication skills.

2. They teach you highly experienced teachers

The UIE teachers are experts in the business field. They have extensive professional experience in companies and rigorous academic training.

3. You access different professional opportunities

We offer you the opportunity to participate in a professional internship program. This part is fundamental in the study plan. In addition, it allows you to apply, in a real business environment, all the knowledge and skills acquired during the degree. Likewise, these internships guarantee you a first work experience, with the aim of knowing first-hand the demands of the market.

4. You obtain an international profile

During the sixth semester, your courses will be taught in English. The goal is for you to develop your language skills and gain multicultural experience by interacting with international students.

5. You become a management expert

You will acquire extensive knowledge and specialized skills in the management of organizations, both public and private. This will allow you to become an expert in the field of business management.

Do you want to study the BMA degree at UIE?

At UIE we have the Scholarship and Aid Program whose objective is to support outstanding students who face financial difficulties.

For the BMA degree, we offer three options that may be of interest to you:

1. Scholarships for Excellence

The Excellence Scholarships reward exemplary students, regardless of their economic or family situation. A scholarship is awarded that covers up to 90% of the price of the degree. All students with an average grade of 8 or higher can apply. Scholarships are awarded semiannually and are renewed if the student maintains a weighted average grade of at least 8.

2. Talent Scholarships

The Talent Scholarships apply to students who enroll in at least 60 credits and do not have a previous university degree. These study aids take into account both the academic record of the applicant student and the economic and family situation. The financial value covers up to 60% of the academic fee, according to the established scale.

3. Rector Council Scholarship

This scholarship covers 100% of the academic fee for the following semester. It is awarded to the student with the best weighted average grade each semester.

In a globalized world, business skills are essential to succeed in the job market. We invite you to explore our training offer in degrees, university master’s degrees and executive training and our model university focused on the development of business skills.

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