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What are the university degrees of the future?

Today, the business world is going through a new technological revolution. Indeed, the World Economic Forum ( WEF) specifies that the emerging labor sector incorporates automation processes, artificial intelligence and greening projects. Likewise, digitalization, the Internet of Things and Big Data have become strategic tools to contribute to the growth of companies and institutions.

As market needs are changing, the university courses of the future specialize in training professionals who master new technological trends to direct the growth of companies. But, in addition, it seeks that professionals apply a humanistic and multicultural ethic in their different work projects.

Without a doubt, the professional careers with the most employment possibilities are those that are designed both to meet business needs and to innovate. To find out what the careers of the future are, at UIEwe invite you to review this article in which we explain everything essential about these professions, in order to help you choose the career that best suits you. fits your expectations.

University degrees of the future

Top 4 university degrees of the future

Business Management and Administration (BMA)

In a society with greater business diversity, Business Management and Administration is a key piece. Only experts in the sector can manage new business demands, in addition to being qualified to direct public or private institutions.

For this reason, Business Management and Administration is a university degree with prospects for the future. Its professionals are prepared to master multiple areas of the sector, such as marketing and finance. Likewise, they can design socially responsible projects using the latest trends in technology.

Increasing globalization also requires that business managers have a prominent international profile. By knowing different languages, these professionals maintain fluid and productive communication with firms from other countries, which benefits business relationships.

Digital Business Administration

Digitalization has changed the way of doing business. This means that only companies that carry out digitalization processes and meet the standards of the digital economy will succeed in their field.

Professionals in Digital Business Administration they have a fundamental role in the new world of business. On the one hand, they provide a global vision, which covers functional areas such as marketing, finance and human resources. In addition, these professionals specialize in the use of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and data protection to improve company performance.

Being a career of the future, the Degree in Digital Business Administration provides the essential knowledge to work with these technological trends.

Likewise, its professionals create strategic links with their clients through digital marketing, communication on social networks and electronic commerce.

Intelligent Systems Engineering

Smart technologies are here to stay. Therefore, there is no doubt that Intelligent Systems Engineering< /a>is one of the careers of the future.

This degree is designed to train professionals who lead the intelligent transformation processes of various companies and institutions. Indeed, the new market demands engineers who master Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM profile), to carry out this transformation.

Thanks to these disciplines, Intelligent Systems Engineering graduates become nomads of innovationcapable of adapting to technological and business changes.

Professionals in this career of the future know how the different business levels work and propose projects to improve them. Furthermore, according to the new sociocultural guidelines, these projects include humanist, environmental and multicultural principles.

Company Engineering

Decades ago, the business market did not incorporate as many forms of business as it does now. Consequently, today professionals are required to evaluate the specific needs of numerous companies to solve them with the help of technological resources.

Business Engineering it is one of the university careers of the future becauseit focuses on training experts who address increasingly important challenges. In this sense, engineers must ensure careful business management, while propelling the operation of companies towards the forefront of the market, through innovative technologies.

Another objective of this career is for its professionals to contribute to strengthening human resources management and for their initiatives to adapt to sustainable market trends. That is to say, the eco friendly principles cannot be left aside.

As can be seen, these four university careers of the future are designed to train experts capable of facing the challenges of a market that continually evolves. In addition, graduates also have the necessary skills to use technological tools that allow them to enhance results in different companies.

At UIE we know that the labor market is changing. For this reason, we have designed an innovative academic teaching-learning model unique in Europe. If you are interested in training in one of the careers of the future, don’t think twice and request information about our university degrees a>specialized in technology and business.

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