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UIE-IESIDE 2023 Academic Diploma Ceremony

Our dean, Miguel Ángel Escotet, presided over the academic event, highlighting the extraordinary efforts of the “Pandemic Promotion”, which today receives its titles


76 students from the first class of the UIE Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA), the UIE-IESIDE Master in Business Administration and Administration (MBA) and the UIE-IESIDE BMA-BBA degree graduated today, Friday, July 14, in a ceremony that was held this afternoon in Vigo and that could be followed by streaming through Afundación TV. The Afundación Headquarters, with full capacity, hosted the academic event chaired by the dean of our university, Miguel Ángel Escotet.

Before proceeding to the delivery of the degrees, Adrián Galán Torrón, as representative of the graduates of the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) of UIE and IESIDE, stressed the importance of achieving a society that works together: “Today we leave UIE being better professionals, and above all, better people. And we have all achieved it together, working as a team and always helping each other in every way possible. I am sure that, like me, many of you would think that we would not be here today if it were not for the help of one of our colleagues. And here, at UIE, they taught us that the best way to achieve objectives is to cooperate, that in the best of negotiations we can all win, that no one scores a goal without receiving a pass from another, and that if you want to go fast , you can go alone, but if you want to go far, you must be accompanied. In short, no individual is as good as the entire team together”.

For her part, Aitana Rodríguez Miranda, representing the students of the BMA-BBA degree at UIE-IESIDE, after reflecting on a period full of challenges in an unprecedented context, looked towards the path that this promotion is now beginning: “Four years so intense and so valuable for our future will be impossible to forget but I am convinced that each of you will go very far. In any place, in Galicia, in the rest of Spain, or abroad. Never be afraid of success, much less failure. If we take anything away from these four years of university, it is the knowledge, skills and courage to always look at the future with optimism”.

Finally, the event culminated in an academic message from the dean of the UIE. Miguel Ángel Escotet spoke to the graduates about what he defines as the “pandemic peers”, which was born when COVID-19 broke out in China: “I address all the university students of Galicia, this cohort from 2019-2023, who belong to the class of the pandemic. We admire you, your fight against adversity, your resistance against illness, the emotional strength of those who have lost a loved one, the ability to adapt to study in the solitude of a screen or a computer, your self-discipline and intelligence capable of transcend the diffuse messages, sometimes discordant and always disturbing, in a world that faces a torrent of changes against the background of a seriously wounded nature”.

In his message, Professor Escotet emphasized his conviction that “education for both students and teachers is not only about developing talent, but also about exercising a constructive spirit, without preaching it. I have never believed that a genuine university community, public or private, can be built with mercenaries of education and merchants of culture. Teachers and students with a vocation for learning and teaching are needed. At UIE we are convinced that we educate for the future, to continue learning for life, with you and from you, those values that must remain, principles such as flexibility, adaptation to change, the courage to think differently, non-domesticated behaviors, ethical behavior and aesthetic exercise, respect for the ideas of others, justice, democratic attitudes and unwavering behavior in favor of nature, of our entire habitat. But also, with compassion towards human beings, solidarity and coexistence as drivers of the same immutable truth: that there is no human fulfillment if the common good is abandoned, nor will there be deep respect for the community if one does not exercise one’s profession with ethical rigor towards our peers. Seneca already advised this when he stated “It is advisable that you live for others if you want to live for yourself because we are members of a greater body”.

The Rector also congratulated the graduates and conveyed to them the vision that “the future of humanity depends more on the education of the heart than on scientific and technological education. The future does not exist, the future is built and the future always begins now and in less than a blink of an eye, the future becomes the past. That is why dreams, utopias, are always part of a language of the future, they are the energy to move ahead of events”.

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