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The university degrees with the most opportunities for your child

One of the great concerns of parents is the university education of their children. Without a doubt, many families hope that their young people enroll in university degrees with more opportunities in the labor market. However, it is also essential that students enjoy the career they have chosen.
At UIE, we have created this article so that you and your child can make the best decision. Below we will show you updated information about the university degrees with the most job opportunities and their main characteristics.

University degrees with more job opportunities. What is the market looking for?

Various studies have shown that the university degrees with the most exits are those that link business management with technology. By the way, a Adecco researchindicated that some of the professional profiles most requested by companies are:

  • Experts in information technologies (IT).
  • Specialists in cybersecurity and digitalization.
  • Multilingual administrative staff.
  • Specialists in Customer Experience or Customer Experience.

These profiles and skills are present in graduates of certain professional careers. For this reason, we tell you which careers young people should study to become the type of professional that the job market is looking for.

Business Management and Administration graduates with mastery of new technologies

Nowadays, different companies look for people with BMA studies who master new technologies . The objective is to apply them in different business areas such as marketing and finance.

According to statistics compiled by the BBVA, in 2022, Business Management and Administrationwasone of the university degrees with the most exits. This is because it promotes the use of technological tools to plan and innovate the development of companies.

Its also strong point is the formulation of projects that include humanist principles, social responsibility and environmentalism.

On the other hand, digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other technological trends do not go unnoticed by companies. It is for this reason that Digital Business Administration < /strong>it has becomeanother of the university degrees with the most exits.

Professionals in this career facilitate the digital transformation of companies to contribute to the modernization of their activities. Likewise, through social networks and digital marketing they get to know their customers and their needs better.

As can be seen, both Business Management and Administrationand Digital Business Administration are in great demand among companies. We teach these degrees at theUIE, where we designa dynamic teaching-learning model a>with the highest academic quality.

With this model, your child will master the most modern and essential tools for the business world, consolidate all knowledge through internships and will have personalized follow-up by the faculty.

Engineers specialized in smart technologies and companies

It is undeniable that we are in the age of engineering. The rapid development of technologies has generated that all market sectors incorporate specialists from the different branches of engineering. Above all, in the field of smart technologies.

According to recent studiescollected by Business Insider Spain,  engineering is the university degree with the most job opportunities. Within them, one of the most complete branches is Intelligent Systems Engineering.

It is a dynamic and entertaining profession, which includesthe latest in technological trends and innovation. These engineers are specialists in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Data Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain

Likewise, they comply with the STEM profile to apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the digitalization processes of companies.

Companies require intelligent innovation to stand out and relegate their competitors. To achieve this, they need the work of highly trained intelligent systems engineers. Additionally, these professionals are expected to respect ethics, cultural diversity and environmental responsibility in all their projects.

Another of the most versatile branches of the market isBusiness Engineering . This is one of the university degrees with the most job opportunities, as it applies technological tools to enhance business management.

The company’s engineers are experts in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), environmental management and digitalization. In addition, they operate asinnovation nomads , since they are always developing technological outputs to strengthen the company’s organizational environment.

If your child is passionate about technology, but also wants to secure their future, they can choose any of these professional degrees. The employability reports are clear: the university degrees with the most job opportunities are those that apply technologies for business management.

Thus, the degrees in Business Management and Administration, Digital Business Administration, Intelligent Systems Engineering and Business Engineering have a high demand for employment. In that sense, the best way to teach them is through an educational program that combines modern theories with constant practices.

At UIE we design an innovative academic model focused on education with the latest in technology. Likewise, from UIE you will be able to access different professional practices according to your preferences and you will obtain a international profile with our mobility program.

If you are interested in learning more about our professional degrees, visit our website and contact us.

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