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The publishing label UIE Ediciones is born

Iwe inaugurate our new publishing label, UIE Ediciones, with the book The challenge of banking in the digital economy: An organizational and evolutionary challenge.

UIE Ediciones is our publishing label, whose purpose is to contribute to the scientific, academic, and business community, nationally and internationally, works of academic essay and research in the fields of economics, globalization, business, new technologies, human capital, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and related areas. Our dean, Miguel Ángel Escotet, highlights how the challenge of “publishing works generated from the commitment to society, research, development and innovation is assumed. Studies capable of promoting new strategies and creative actions across the spectrum of business, entrepreneurship and new technologies. UIE Ediciones will have its titles available to readers, in addition to Spanish bookstores, on the Amazon platform, both in the digital version and in the paper format, so that anyone interested, anywhere in the world, can have access to our books immediately”.

In a context of permanent transformation, we assume as part of our mission to publish works generated from the commitment to society, research, development and innovation, capable of promoting new strategies and creative actions throughout the spectrum of business, industry and services. In this way “at the Intercontinental University of Business, UIE, we are committed to the integral formation of the student both in the academic sphere and in the individual and social sphere, in the sense that they are members of a society and of a determined environment and time. We educate beyond the university and, in this sense, we address change and uncertainty preparing them for a context of vertiginous and constant transformation”, says Miguel Ángel Escotet.

The UIE Ediciones imprint is based on the germ of the publication After the pandemic: Reflections and challenges for Galicia (2021), a rigorous multiple analysis, in a bilingual Spanish-English edition, on the economic impact of COVID-19, in which 11 relevant figures from the business, academic and research fields, addressed from their different perspectives, proposals for the new context from a global, national perspective and with special focus on Galicia.

The challenge of banking in the digital economy: An organizational and evolutionary challenge

The inaugural work of UIE Ediciones addresses the transformations that traditional banking must carry out in the current environment, so that it can compete with the new and disruptive digital operators. This book will be presented publicly at the Herculina headquarters of Afundación on June 9. Coordinated by Eduardo Bueno Campos and Manuel Rodríguez López, we will have the contributions of professors Julio Fernández Vilas, Mónica Longo Somozas, Carlos Merino Moreno, Patricio Morcillo Ortega, Cecilia Murcia Rivera and M.ª Paz Salmador Sánchez.

Throughout history, the financial sector, as a fundamental part of the system, has been forced to respond and adapt to constant socio-economic changes, innovation and regulatory requirements. In the words of our rector, Miguel Ángel Escotet, “we are clearly facing a paradigm shift defined by speed, scope, depth and impact on systems. This shift brings with it a trend towards total automation of manufacturing that runs on account of cyber-physical systems, made possible by the internet of things and cloud computing. What we will see, theorists say, is a truly smart big factory.” Therefore, a systemic, determined and avant-garde response is needed, reaching all areas.

Likewise, a corporate culture of innovation capable of adapting to customer needs and market demands is essential. A customer-centric vision, which enables agile decision-making and intensive use of new cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data. In line with the assessment of our rector: “There is no doubt that this academic study integrates in a single volume those aspects necessary to analyze the current banking context taking into account the tradition, history and evolution of the banking sector with an eye on the trends and needs that are to come. And it is in this prospective and in that very complete evolutionary analysis where its differential and its value lie”.

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