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José Antonio Marina participates in a new meeting of the UIE Forum. Society and Economy with a conference focused on the learning society

José Antonio Marina will give the conference “The learning society” on Tuesday, May 9 at the Afundación Headquarters in A Coruña.


José Antonio Marina, philosopher and pedagogue, director of the Antonio Nebrija University Chair on Executive Intelligence and Education, president of the Universidad de Padres Educational Foundation and director of the Center for Studies in Innovation and Educational Dynamics (CEIDE), will participate in the UIE Forum of Society and Economy on May 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Afundación Headquarters in A Coruña, with a presentation titled “The learning society.” Entry is free until full.

Marina’s presentation will be given by Luis Pousa, Doctor in Mathematics from the University of Santiago de Compostela, professor at the Center for Higher University Studies of Galicia (Cesuga) and section head of La Voz de Galicia.

Marina will speak to those attending the meeting about the importance of creating a “National Agreement for the Learning Society.” The proposal for this agreement is based on The Universal Law of Learning, which says the following: “To survive, every person, institution, company, or society needs to learn at the same speed at which the environment changes; and if you want to progress, at greater speed”.

For the philosopher, the unborn educational pact – which has always been seen in reality as a “school pact” – has become outdated, so he sees the need for a more powerful agreement that involves the entire society. In her conference, Marina will talk about one of the endemic problems that we have in the educational system in Spain, which moves in sealed compartments: primary education is not discussed with secondary education, it is with the university, the university with the world of work, Vocational training navigates as best it can, and we do not have organized systems for recycling and updating knowledge.

As a final point, Marina will provide the most outstanding reasons for the importance of generating talent, in addition to attracting and retaining it.

The UIE Forum will have more editions this year in the months of June, September, and October.

In June, our facilities in A Coruña will have the presence of Juan Carlos Escotet, in September the presentation will be given by Juan Verde in Vigo and in October Francisco Botas will be the protagonist of the UIE Forum that will repeat Vigo as the setting.

Those who wish to participate in this meeting in person on May 9, can do so by registering at the following link:


He directs the Antonio Nebrija University Chair on Executive Intelligence and Education, to study how to generate talent. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Alcohol and Society Foundation. And he is a Mentor of the Philosophy of Talent and Talent Education Area of the Human Age Institute of ManpowerGroup.

Marina also directs the Center for Studies in Educational Innovation and Dynamics (CEIDE), an initiative that tries to promote educational reflection and excellence, and is president of the Universidad de Padres Educational Foundation, a set of projects that includes the Universidad de Padres on- line, the leading educational project in parenting, which aims to help parents in the educational process of their children. Within the scope of the Foundation, projects such as the magazine Energía Creadora and Universo UP have been launched. And the Open Economy Chair with the objective of opening the closed field of economic science to all citizens, to help them understand their economic role and thus be able to make responsible and critical decisions.


The UIE Society and Economy Forum was born as a proposal for debate and reflection on the challenges, challenges and risks of the current economic and social context. The programming includes conferences and debates by national and international experts in areas such as new technologies, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and robotics, sustainability and new economic models, the social problems and challenges that all current structural changes entail, paradigm changes, the generation of value by companies or their governance, among others. The forum addresses, in a context of the intangible revolution and volatile environment, new formulas such as the circular economy, the silver economy or the gig economy and the challenges we face as a society.

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