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Five reasons to study at UIE

why should you study at UIE? We know that choosing a university for your studies can be a difficult decision. What factors should you pay attention to?

In theory, it depends a lot on the career you want to pursue. You should even think that it is possible you may decide to change your university degree. Otherwise, you should also keep in mind the teaching model and academic support, including the quality of the faculty.

To make things easier for you, here are five compelling reasons why you should study at UIE.

5 reasons to study at UIE

#1 We are the model university specialized in technology and business in the northeast of Spain

One of the most relevant factor when deciding to study at a particular university is related to its orientation and values. There are centers which are more specialized in certain knowledge areas.

Regarding UIE, we are a specilized educational institution in the business and techonology fields. Our goal is to educate the future professionals. We have physical facilities and virtual platforms equipped with the most edge-cutting technology.

The transparency and commitment, both with the student and with society, are among our main values.

#2 You will learn through an innovative method

Innovation is part of our DNA, that is why we have developed a one of a kind learning method in Europe.

With this methodology, the student plays an active role in the teaching process.

By studying at UIE, the education becomes practical. Our method includes a wide variety of activities and the use of new technologies.

  • We go for continuous assessment and self-assessment, where the daily effort of the student is prioritized.
  • We have an in-person campus (in A Coruña and Vigo) and a virtual campus. You can study from anywhere and at your own pace.
  • We create reduced groups for an education as personalized as possible.
  • Shared classes are taught with other students from different fields, with the aim of enriching perspectives and adopt different points of view about a particular subject.
  • Extensive internships to acquire working experience.
  • Introduction of the learning-servize contract.

As you can see, the model is designed for you to have an active role in it, with a personalized and flexible learning experience. It was also created for you to have a experience as enriching as possible.

#3 We prioritize employability

Studying at UIE means to awaken the ingenuity necessary to face the present and future professional chanllenges.

We have more than 300 colaboration agreements with companies and institutions so that the student acquires the most in demand competencies and attitudes.

Apart from the technical competencies that allow you to enter the labor market, you’ll acquire a seires of parallel abilities that will be useful for you to be valued as a professional. For instance:

  • Real-world problem-solving.
  • Flexible way of thinking.
  • Organization and self-management.
  • Ability in the use of the most cutting-edge technological tools.
  • Team work capacity.

Our main goal is to ensure the students’ employability and help them achieve professional success. More than 96% of our Bachelor’s degree and MBA students find a job in less than a year.

We offer a career guidance service where multiple activities are promoted for the preparation of the student towards the working stage.

#4 High-quality faculty and academic support.

Since the goal of our teaching system is for you to be able to solve real-world problems, it is necessary for you to be in constant touch with necessities and demands that appear.

For this reason, the faculty is made up of active professionals who will transmit all their experience to you and who will be with you in every challenge related to the subject.

Moreover, you won’t be alone when studying at UIE, you will always have support mentors who will guide you in yout academic process. Mentors are part of a mentoring program for the student.

Apart from all the academic and technical support, you have a Student counseling service. Everything is design for you to get the best experience and the most out of your education.

#5 Possibility of changing your degree without losing credits.

If upon studying at UIE you find out that the degree you have chosen does not meet your expectations, you can change your course with no problem. In this respect, we ensure that it takes as little effort as possible for the student to reorient their future and study their true passion.

Therefore, if you enroll in another degree in the same field, you will keep 100% of the credits. If the new degree belongs to a different field, you will be able to keep 70% of the credits.

If you need more information about the experience that awaits you if you decide to study at UIE, you can contact us and we will address your concerns.

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