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“And the plow passed.” Speech by Miguel Ángel Escotet during the Academic Ceremony for the delivery of diplomas of the 1st class of UIE


And the Plow Passed…

“The future of humanity depends more on education for the heart than on education for science and technology alone”.

Expression that our dean always emphasizes Miguel Angel Escotet and which formed an essential part of his dissertation before the audience that gathered at the academic event of the first graduate and undergraduate classes of the UIE and IESIDE, “pandemic peers” as he called them, as it corresponded with the 2019-2023 academic period.

In his message, Professor Escotet emphasized his conviction that “education for both students and teachers is not only about developing talent, but also about exercising a constructive spirit, without preaching it. I have never believed that a genuine university community, public or private, can be built with mercenaries of education and merchants of culture. Teachers and students with a vocation for learning and teaching are needed. At UIE we are convinced that we educate for the future, to continue learning for life, with you and from you, those values that must remain, principles such as flexibility, adaptation to change, the courage to think differently, non-domesticated behaviors, ethical behavior and aesthetic exercise, respect for the ideas of others, justice, democratic attitudes and unwavering behavior in favor of nature, of our entire habitat. But also, with compassion towards human beings, solidarity and coexistence as drivers of the same immutable truth: that there is no human fulfillment if the common good is abandoned, nor will there be deep respect for the community if one does not exercise one’s profession with ethical rigor towards our peers. Seneca already advised this when he stated “It is advisable that you live for others if you want to live for yourself because we are members of a greater body”.

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