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Executive Program in International Business

Get ready to work across borders

The Executive Program in International Business builds on a strong foundation of traditional business administration courses, such as finance, marketing strategies, and human capital.

In addition, it offers a specialized curriculum of crosscultural communications, digital transformation and sustainability that will prepare you to work across borders, cultures, industries, and sectors anywhere in the world.

5 reasons

to take the Executive Program in International Business of UIE

Gain a global mindset in strategic decision-making by fully interacting with a culturally and professionally diverse cohort of peers and sharing your views with a world-experienced faculty.
Practice intercultural skills through hands-on experience activities. We teach you how to negotiate by negotiating with real international suppliers in our ©Purchasing Game.
Be ready for the asian challenge by discovering the keys to succeed and benefit from business opportunities offered by this complex market.
Maximize your english profiency and make the most of your knowledge of English for business by extensive practice of all communication skills and interacting with peers and lecturers.
Join the leading network of first-rate international manager with over 23 years´ history and present in all five continents.
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Welcome to a new era of management with UIE.

What do you need to know?


A Coruña


face-to-face with remote activity


6 months






Friday afternoon & Saturday morning

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The participant

The Executive Program in International Business is your programme if you are…
  • A professional with an average of 5 years working experience in international positions or international companies.
  • Curious about exploring cultural diversity challenges.
  • Driven to solve complex challenges under uncertainty.
  • Interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge of international operations, both at operational and strategic level and willing to develop your intercultural leadership skills.
  • Proficient in using English in a business context


The Executive Program in International Business is a 6-month (30 ECTS) specialized global management program for professionals seeking a career in international business or leadership roles across global organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Upon completion of the Executive Program in International Business you will be awarded a 3-year period to obtain the degree Executive Master in International Business.

The program has five key aspects to prepare you to work across borders, cultures, industries and sectors anywhere in the world:

01. Internationalization Strategy

  • Global economic landscape
  • Corporate internationalization
  • Internationalization strategy design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market selection and accessstrategy
  • Action plan

02. International Operations Management

  • International operations & logistics
  • Import-export financial operations
  • International Trade Law
  • International taxation
  • IT tools for international trade

03. International Management Skills

  • Getting-to-yes strategies
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Powerful presentations Workshop
  • Virtual teams management
  • Intercultural Negotiation Lab

04. International Marketing

  • Getting-to-yes strategies
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Powerful presentations Workshop
  • Virtual teams management
  • Intercultural Negotiation Lab

05. International Expansion

  • International Brand positioning
  • Brand protection (property rights)
  • International reputation & sustainabiliity
  • Pricing strategy
  • Industrial marketing
  • Digital internationalization
  • Multicultural creativity & innovation
  • Visit to global companies

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