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What types of entrepreneurship are there? Quiz!

Do you know what types of entrepreneurship there are? Do you think that all entrepreneurs start in the same way? Not at all, there are different types of entrepreneurship, depending on the idea and objectives of the business they want to start.

Test how much you know about entrepreneurship in our #UIETest! Are you ready?



After having done this UIE quiz, tell us, did you know what types of entrepreneurship there are? You will have seen that there are several types. The most common classification is made on the basis of the motive that drives the initiation of the project, the goals and the strategies carried out.

This distinction can help others to increase their creativity and find reasons to start their own project.

Although there may be some additional ones, the most common distinctions of the types of entrepreneurship that we can find are the following:


Always try to generate growth. In this type of undertaking it is necessary to have the capacity to work, manage and develop good strategies.


This type of entrepreneurship is characterized by the fact that it is about seeking benefits for society as a whole. It does not seek personal interest. It usually focuses on environmental, humanitarian, rights, equality and quality of life projects, etc.



Its personal characteristic is observation and quick development of an idea. In this way, it detects opportunities that may arise in the business world and makes them profitable. It needs to have resources available for when the time is right.


It is characterized by innovation. It requires a good dose of R&Dand capital support to develop a product or service that does not exist and has the capacity to generate a high impact.


Its hallmark is constant innovation andsearch for complex solutions. In certain industries, major changes occur in a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to generate ideas, data and independent business units. You need support and advice.



It tends to be a type of individual entrepreneurship. It may occur when a professional in a certain sector begins to offer services on his or her own account. Some small businesses also fall into this category. Occasionally, they may have an employee to assist the entrepreneur. The main objective is to keep the business profitable and not to generate growth (at least in the short term).


It is about imitating or improving a product or service that already exists in the market. The reasons that drive it can be for various reasons, either because the entrepreneur knows the sector well and is passionate about it, or because he believes he can improve something, or because he detects that there is a great demand, etc.

And this is the end of our article on what types of entrepreneurships there are. Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and enterprise? Discover our university degrees!

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