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How to boost your business with LinkedIn for companies?

Social networks have proven to be useful tools both for maintaining contact with friends and family, and for staying up to date with relevant news. However, its usefulness is not limited to these aspects.

In the workplace, some social networks, such as LinkedIn, also play a fundamental role in improving the effectiveness of communications. Although several of its advantages are already known for individual use, organizations can also use this network to enhance their businesses. In turn, the platform will allow them to send messages to their respective audiences.

If you are interested in learning more about how LinkedIn can help your company grow and establish a powerful network of contacts, at UIE we invite you to continue reading this article.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, with more than 12 million users in Spain , is a social network oriented towards professional connections. It is an online platform, designed for the implementation of networking actions, with the aim of multiplying them as many times as possible.

Although it can be used in different ways, such as having a visible resume online, searching for a job or offering one, the truth is that LinkedIn has many other functions.

Like any social network, it allows the publication of content in text and video format, making comments or generating reactions. However, getting closer to your professional goals or those of your company, will largely depend on you knowing how to take advantage of all the tools that this network has for you.

What should a LinkedIn profile for companies be like?

As a company, LinkedIn will allow you to create a page within its platform to recruit new talent, establish business relationships and connect with experts in different sectors according to the needs of your business.

The company profile must be consistent with the image that you want to project of the organization, since it is just another communication channel. Here are some tips:

  • Use your brand voice to talk about the mission and vision. Your company must have a clear and recognizable personality.
  • Use a cover photo that complements and reflects the nature of your business. Avoid using photos that are saturated with elements or that do not have the appropriate proportion (1584 x 396 pixels).
  • Add a custom button that invites users to perform different actions such as visiting your website, contacting your company, registering for your newsletter, among others.
  • Publish enough content on your business profile to get it to rank better in Google search engines and on LinkedIn itself.
  • When your page is ready, take advantage of all your available communication channels, such as newsletters, emails, website and other social networks, to promote your page with your employees, potential clients, and business partners.

Your business must have a strategy.

As LinkedIn for companies is an official communication channel, this profile must have its own marketing strategy.

In principle, it is important to define the objectives that your company wants to achieve on this social network and what the target audience will beto which it is going to address. Objectives can vary, from recruiting new professionals and establishing relationships with potential clients or partners, to increasing traffic to the company’s website.

How to grow your business with LinkedIn?

For your business to have a valuable network of contacts, it is recommended to invite your target audience to connect, which may include managers, sector professionals, experts from different disciplines, clients and partners.

In addition, it is important to take advantage of LinkedIn as a marketing and communication channel with the respective audiences. In that sense, use the platform to make your market aware of the solutions and benefits that your products and/or services offered.

Remember that this social network also serves an advertising function. This means that it allows you to create messages aimed at your usual audience, beyond your professional community.

Here are some tools that can be of great help to accelerate the growth of your business on LinkedIn:


The platform allows you to measure the reach of your publications regarding clicks, recommendations, impressions, comments and shares.

LinkedIn SSI.

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is based on four factors that evaluate your professional brand, whether you offer quality content, whether you are aligned with your target audience, and the extent to which you form new links and contacts.

LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads for Business allow you to promote your business within the same social network and segment by geography, knowledge, and skills.

Surveys and reactions.

This is an option so that you can know the opinion of the people who follow your page and have the necessary feedback to constantly make changes and improvements.

As you can see, LinkedIn for business has countless options that you can take advantage of to achieve different goals in your business. If you are interested in enhancing your knowledge about innovation, business and technology, we invite you to review our Master’s degree. At UIE, our commitment is to provide you with learning according to the business needs of the future.

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