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How is a Final Degree Project done? Tips to get a 10 on the final project

The number of university students in Spain is growing constantly. In 2021, the Spanish university system reached a record of 1,679,518 enrolled, according to a statista study, increasing the figure by 46,000 more students than the previous year. This significant growth demonstrates the importance of higher education in today’s society.

A central aspect of the university experience is obtaining the degree. To achieve this,students complete a Final Degree Project. This project involves a series of academic and personal challenges, which allows them to acquire a solid foundation in their field of study.

At UIE we firmly believe in the value of hard work to achieve academic excellence. For that reason, in this article we will give you some of the best tips that you should know to obtain a 10 on your Final Degree Project.

What does a Final Degree Project (TFG, by its Spanish acronym) consist of?

The Final Degree Project is a fundamental subject in the final stage of undergraduate university studies. It consists of an individual project that the student must complete as a requirement to obtain their degree.

The main objective of the Final Degree Project is for the student to demonstrate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills acquired during their training. Likewise, they must demonstrate their ability to apply them in a specific project.

Generally, the Final Degree Project involves research and development of a topic related to the student’s field of study. Likewise, the work addresses theoretical, practical aspects or both, depending on the academic discipline.

For example, in the degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) , the Final Degree Project could focus on the analysis and study of a real business case. This includes the evaluation of aspects such as decision making, strategy design and problem solving in the business field.

Some TFGs involve the preparation of a complete business plan that covers the following aspects:

  • Definition of the product or service.
  • Market analysis.
  • Study of economic viability.
  • Application of marketing strategies.

Do you want to have a 10 in your Final Degree Project? Follow these tips!

Choose a relevant topic of interest to you.

Opt for a topic that you are passionate about and that is related to your area of study. This will keep you motivated and allow you to delve deeper into the topic with greater enthusiasm.

Think about who will be your tutor.

When choosing your tutor, make sure they are the best option to make the most of their skills. We recommend researching potential tutors and familiarizing yourself with their areas of expertise. Likewise, it considers the experience and academic career, as well as their availability and commitment.

Plan and organize your time.

The Final Degree Project requires time and dedication. Therefore, it is important that you create a work plan and set realistic goals. To achieve this, it is recommended to divide the project into stages and assign specific times for each one. These stages include research, content writing, quality review, and editing.

Choose a good bibliography.

To support your work, it is essential to select an appropriate bibliography. Look for reputable, up-to-date sources that support your ideas and provide a solid foundation for your research.

Be sure to include a variety of bibliographic sources, such as:

  • Printed books.
  • E-books.
  • Case studies.
  • Academic or scientific articles.
  • Specialized magazines.
  • Interviews or personal communications.
  • Electronic sources and Internet resources.

To find quality information and have a wide range of sources and academic articles, we recommend that you do your searches related to the chosen topic at Google Academic.

Also, verify that the bibliography is directly related to your topic and make sure you choose the corresponding citation format. It can be APA format, Vancouver, Harvard or ISO 690. Remember, a Solid Final Degree Project is based on the development of a rigorous bibliography.

Take care of the writing and presentation.

Presenting orderly, coherent, clean work without spelling mistakes is essential. This is not only because a percentage of the grade is determined according to this criterion, but it is also an integral part of completing the work. Therefore, it deserves the same attention as the construction of the content.

Prepare the defense.

The presentation of the project before the court is crucial in the evaluation. Be sure to defend your work in the allotted time. Practice alone and in public. Additionally, use an appropriate tone of voice and different presentation formats. These can be Power Point, Prezi or Google Slides.

Finally, don’t forget to prepare in advance to answer possible questions from teachers, this way you will avoid the risk of them asking you questions that you cannot answer.

At the UIE we value demand as a factor that drives you to carry out an outstanding Final Degree Project. If you are interested in training in any of our professional careers, don’t think twice and request information about our university degrees. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary details.

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