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Elevator Pitch: success stories to create your own

Do you know what an elevator pitchis? Surely you have heard of it. But if you don’t know this term at all, don’t worry because at UIE we are going to tell you all about it below. On the other hand, if you do know it, don’t miss this article because we show you some examples of elevator pitch that can serve as inspiration to start designing yours.

In short, if you read on you will discover what is the elevator pitch, examples, how it can be useful to you and how you can design one.

Elevator Pitch: What is this?

An elevator pitch is just a short speech presenting a project. The term is of Anglo-Saxon origin and refers to what you would say to a person who might be interesting for the project if you met them for 2 minutes in an elevator.

Imagine you have a project, be it business, labor or any other type of project. However, you lack investors, customers, that interesting company and other participants. How can you attract them?

You should be very clear about who you are and what are your objectives. For this reason, the elevator pitch is an interesting tool. It forces you to define your mission in a clear way. In addition, you will be prepared for a chance meeting with someone interesting.

The objective is to attract the attention of your interlocutor, so the elevator pitch must be carefully designed.

How to create an Elevator Pitch?

They say that if you are not able to define your project in a few lines of text, it is because you are still confused. The elevator pitch solves this problem, it clarifies your ideas. That is, what you want to communicate, to whom you want to communicate it and how you are going to communicate it.

Therefore, to start designing an elevator pitch, the first thing you need to think about is who is your target audience, since many elements depend on this factor, such as the tone and vocabulary with which you are going to express yourself.

Clearly clarify your target audience, do you want to target companies of a certain sector offering your services as a professional, who and how can be the person responsible for assisting you?

On the other hand, are you looking for investors for an entrepreneurship, what characteristics should they have, what do they do, what is their socio-cultural situation?

On the other hand, your idea, your work or what you intend to offer must solve some kind of problem. Otherwise, it would not be of interest to any group. Identify that problem as precisely as possible. If you detect the need, you will be able to offer the solution.

The time has now come to establish what are the characteristics that make you or your project the ideal solution. What makes you unique, different from the competition. This is what is known as the “value proposition”.

Once you have determined these three elements in a very concise way, write them down in a few lines, give it a sense of speech (a narrative touch with a hook) and you have already elaborated your elevator pitch.

Think that it is difficult to get it right the first time, don’t get discouraged. It is more difficult than it seems and requires work. Besides, you will never stop adjusting and improving it.

Elevator Pitch: examples

Example of Pitch in a job interview

We’ll start with a simple example of elevator pitch, pay attention to the following lines:

“Hello, my name is Juan Manuel Fernández, I am interested in this job, as I understand that I meet the requirements (1). I fully understand the difficulties involved in the job, I know it is difficult to find someone versatile to deal with the entire production management, since it requires mastering multiple fields, some associated with process engineering (2). I have been thinking about this aspect for some time and have tried to obtain sufficient knowledge and experience in all areas as well as in auxiliary tasks. (3)”.

As you can see, this is a speech in a job interview and is divided into three parts:

• (1): presentation and objectives (who am I and what do I want to achieve?)
• (2): detection of the need (the job comprises multiple areas)).
• (3): unique value proposition (I have taken care to acquire training and experience in all the necessary fields to offer a comprehensive service).

Example of Elevator Pitch in a business idea

Imagine now that you have a business project, in which you want to market a service you have developed and that can be beneficial to companies, what would the elevator pitch look like?:

“Good morning, my name is Juan Carlos Fernández. Did you know that applying Big Data can drastically reduce business costs in virtually all sectors of the economy? (1) I have been working in data analysis for more than 10 years and I have noticed how companies that introduce Big Data improve their processes, gain competitive advantages and have the ability to open new revenue streams (2). Based on this, I have developed a customer segmentation system based on Big Data. Through this system, companies will be able to develop a personalized marketing, managing to implement their niche strategies with great efficiency. (3)”.

  • (1) A common resource is to use a question to open the speech. This breaks the ice and generates interest.
  • (2) In this case, it is an advantage rather than a necessity. However, there is a risk of being left behind and seeing the competition gain an advantage if Big Data is not implemented.
  • (3) A clear solution is proposed and it is the mission of the company that you want to put into operation.
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