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An UIE delegation participates in innovation program at Tel Aviv University

A delegation of students from UIE-IESIDE and members of the innovation and digital development team of ABANCA will participate until June 4th in a program on the keys to the successful Israeli innovation ecosystem at the Coller School of Management of Tel Aviv University.  The Intercontinental University of Business is the first university in Galicia that has signed an academic agreement with the prestigious Israeli university for the training in innovation of managers and young university students.

The dean of UIE, Miguel Ángel Escotet, underlines the relevance of international experience, such as the one being developed by students in Tel Aviv, “absolutely necessary, which opens horizons, brings people closer and reduces ethnocentrism. To our programs of academic-professional stays in the USA, Portugal, United Kingdom, China, Germany or Switzerland, among others, we are proud to expand the training and practical action to Israel through the Coller School of Management of Tel Aviv University“.

The 30 participants, accompanied by the international coordinator of UIE, Begoña Jamardo, will combine teaching with top-level academic experts, including Leonardo Leiderman, Chief Advisor of Economics at Hapoalim Bank, the largest bank in Israel and the dean of the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is the country’s leading academic institution, known as the “start-up nation”. Israel generates more start-ups per capita than China, India, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom and attracts twice as much venture-capital as the United States and thirty times more than Europe. Leading companies from all over the world such as Apple (USA), Alibaba (China), Siemens (Germany) or Samsung (South Korea) have their research and development centers in Israel. TAU is Israel’s most global and innovative university. It is a leading institution in research in brain studies, nanoscience, renewable energies and cybersecurity. To date, it has produced more than 2,400 patents and is among the 15 universities in the world that promote the largest number of start-ups.  Lahav Executive Education of Coller School of Management, TAU Business School, was founded in 1968.

With this alliance, UIE consolidates and continues its historical collaboration with universities in other countries from the perspective of understanding internationalization as a means that favors the transfer of knowledge and innovation and the employability of students, providing them with training with a universal vision according to the times and current markets, while contributing to the improvement of the local business fabric.

Thus, in recent years a significant boost has been given to this internationalization process through permanent collaboration agreements with universities in Europe, the London School of Economics, Haute École de Gestion de Genève, Dublin Business School of Ireland, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences of Germany, Poznan University of Economics of Poland, Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, University of Applied Sciences of Vienna, Nova University of Lisbon. In America, it has agreements with Georgetown University, the University of California, Riverside and New York State University. And in Asia, it is worth mentioning the last four years of close collaboration with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) and Tianjing Foreign Studies University, China, in addition to cooperation with Istanbul University.

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